Synol is a brand of Eco-friendly synthetic / specialty lubricants manufactured by synthesising natural raw materials. Manufactured by Mavani Group which was founded in 1971 and is a leading manufacturer of synthetic / specialty lubricants.

The lubricants are manufactured at their oil blending and grease manufacturing units. These plants are equipped with quality control laboratory and aerosol filling lines and are handled by qualified technicians. With their persistent efforts and quality control they have achieved the coveted ISO 9001:2008 certification.

The company is managed by a family of technocrats having a long experience in the field of chemistry and engineering. The company is headed by Dr. C. K. Mavani, a doctorate with more than 45 years of industrial experience in organic chemistry and Mr. N. C. Mavani having 35 years of experience in application and development of specialty chemicals and lubricants to various Industries.

Mavani Group has widened its scope for further development by undertaking in house research and has hence been successful in developing a fully formulated Synthetic Knitting oil specially designed for the lubrication of high speed knitting machines to provide long life and extremely low friction performance and insrease productivity which is approved and/or recommended by MAYER, TERROT, FUKUHARA and other major Knitting Machinery Manufacturers.The group accords high priority to developing environmental friendly lubricants and is currently replacing all CFC based aerosol formulations with a new, pollution free propellant.

Chemverse Consultants (, a sister concern of Mavani Group, has developed a number of industrial aerosols and specialty chemicals for specialised lubrication, protective coatings, maintenance. These products are used internationally by industries related to electronics, nuclear, chemicals, textile, steel and automotive engineering.

Keeping an eye on the recent economic liberalization undertaken by the government of India, the group has established a new trading division under the name of Synol Aerolubes Pvt. Ltd. for import and export of their products directly to the distributors and equipment manufacturers.

Mavani group has also started a Petrolabs division offering its laboratory services for public testing which has helped the Mavani Group to live upto the expectation of customers with regards to quality and service of their products, and has helped in increasing the customer base.

Vision & Mission:

Our Vision:

To develop the most cost effective Eco-friendly maintenance solution for Industrial Application.


Our Mission:

To innovate products and solutions which would benefit productivity of Industries.